Instant Gratification

This is just my observation and I do not mean to hurt anyone or anything...

The result or the reward we get after putting in our effort makes us feel extremely happy and satisfied either for a moment or in the longer-term. This happiness whether it is for a moment or long term depends on the kind of effort we put in.

Most of us are interested in instant results and rewards. We have been striving to do things faster to achieve results quicker. This is called the urge for instant gratification.

As we evolve, our focus on obtaining results quicker is getting stronger that we are doing things faster than ever...but most of us are not evaluating the quality of such results.

To get things done quicker, we are taking shortcuts and we are committing mistakes knowingly. This is happening because we are so interested in the immediate results or outcome which would satisfy our brain immediately, we totally lost our focus on what might come later in the long run.

We entered a state where our mind and heart are no longer in sync. Although our heart knows what we are doing might be wrong, our brain says "we get things done faster so never mind..."

The best example of instant gratification is getting a Like or a thumbs up to our social media post. You will get that surge of happiness that will last only a moment or maybe a day. It's not just in social media, it's everywhere, It is in construction, it is in relationships, it is daily routines, etc. I mean, how many of us actually brush for complete 2 minutes or take our time to make a meaningful conversation with our family?

All I am trying to suggest is, even though it takes longer, take the right path. Listen to your heart more and your mind will be happy in the longer run. Trust me 😉 on this one...

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