Planning a wedding in Pandemic

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Planning a wedding during or post this Pandemic will never be the same as before. Wearing masks, keeping our distance, staying sanitized, and keeping our environment safe is the new normal.

But all the above seem to make it impossible to have a memorable wedding that could be cherished.

On the contrary, you could totally have a memorable wedding with proper planning and safety measures in place. It isn't an easy job but we think it's worth the effort.

Things to keep in mind when planning a wedding

The first thing to make sure is that the government allows you to have a wedding on the chosen date and location. If any permissions are needed (varying with the state), do get it way ahead.

- The next important thing is to make sure that your guest list is no more than 50 people. Confirm with local rules, as some places aren't allowing more than 10 people to attend the wedding. Invite only the close ones and try to avoid inviting the elderly or the kids for their own safety which also happens to be the government rule.

- If you have more than 50 on the must-have guest list, then try inviting a few to one event (eg: engagement) and remaining to other (eg: marriage). This will make both events lively.

- Reduce the number of events being celebrated. We are not saying you should avoid them completely but restrict them to your family.

- Do not plan on inviting international guests or a destination wedding anytime soon. If you must, make sure to inform them way ahead (at least 2 to 3 months ahead) so that they can plan their trip (if allowed by both countries) and their quarantine period.

- Once you have those sorted out, you can have your wedding planned and organized by an expert event planner or organize it yourself.


If opting for an event planner,

Make sure they are up to speed on handling the event in such times, and also make sure they have the technical expertise to ensure proper live coverage. I have seen many events and event management teams struggling to keep the live running throughout and even struggling to start it for that matter. Ask them how they would handle the event with the given number of guests and get an assurance that they will give live coverage as and when required.

We at Pradam events have a team of experts driven by their passion, each specialized in a certain field to ensure everything goes safe and smooth without any hiccups.


If planning it yourself,

Make sure to follow all the guidelines of safety such as screening the guests for temperature before entering the venue and plan the layout of the venue to ensure social distancing, like placing food stations far from one another, prefer delivering food to the table than a buffet, farther seating arrangement, bigger tables, and everything you could do to minimize contact.

- As for the venue, we suggest you plan your wedding preferably at your own home, or book a large venue spacious enough to fit your guest list with social distancing in mind. Also, keep in mind that this venue should have a huge open outdoor area, not an air-conditioned one to prevent any chance of spreading the 'You know what'.

Make sure, there is enough supply of sanitizers as people attending the wedding would not be able to resist eating together, or dancing or talking or even hugging each other, and later they realize 'oops' and start looking for sanitizers.

As to those who could not attend the wedding, you can arrange live coverage yourself using services like YouTube, Facebook, Discord, a Software (eg: OBS) to get live from multiple devices and stream it across, etc. and 2 or 3 mobile phones to cover the areas of interest. They are all free to use and the only thing you need is knowledge on how to use them and the internet connection. Ideally, watching a couple of tutorials on youtube should do the job for the tech-savvy ones, and nowadays there is one in every house I believe.

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