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Translated from Italian by Anthony Stirt. Deciphering of the current astronomical phenomena, and more particularly of the Sun, allow us to deduce the following facts: 1. That there are four CMBs (Cosmic Microwave Backgrounds) caused by the four known stars and produced in the first instants of the Universe: LGM (Large Galaxy Messes), which correspond to the birth and death of the large galaxies in the Universe; SMC (Small Galaxy Messes), which correspond to the birth and death of the small galaxies, and to the growth of the Universe. SMC and LGM are only 1 billion years old. LGM and SMC are produced by the explosion of the Big Bang; SMC and LGM are the source of the whole Universe, as they include all the matter of the Universe; 2. That our Sun is a type II CMB; 3. That the Sun is a member of LGM, which is a galaxy already formed; 4. That this is an extraordinary astronomical phenomenon, because the Sun and the galaxy are in constant motion around the center of the Universe, which is only 1 billion years old, the same age of the LGM; 5. That the four stars appear, for a brief period, each 30 million years, and disappear again, in the same way as the Sun will disappear in ten billion years, when the LGM will completely be extinguished; 6. That LGM have enormous influence on the development of the Universe, to such an extent that the stars appear in this galaxy, one every 30 million years, for a short time (less than 1 billion years), and then disappear again, as happens with the Sun, which has already disappeared because of its small size (30 kilometers); 7. That even the stars that are stars, due to their enormous weight, will disappear in one hour; 8. That the planets are planets formed by our Galaxy, which is a CMB; 9. That the Stars are stars that are formed from the Galaxy, which is a CMB; 10. That the Sun is a star that is produced by LGM, and the planets are produced by the Galaxy; 11. That the Earth is a planet that is formed by LGM, and the Moon is a moon of Earth; 12. That our Galaxy is a big CMB, which is divided into Milky Ways, in




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Atuendo Tradicional Argentina Hector Arico Pdf Free rannin
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